Are Online Casinos Fair?

The rumor that all online casino games are fixed is a common misconception. Ask any gambler who is on a losing streak and he will be quick to support this rumor. The funniest part is that the story changes all of a sudden when a winning streak strikes. Casinos also work with the house edge, which guarantees them profits to remain operational. This is something players don’t like. The big question, however, is, “does this rumor hold some truth, or is it just a pure myth?”

With hundreds of unlicensed online casinos in existence today (as of 2018) – of course not to mention the many scams that pop up everyday – the claim (and it is a serious one) that online casinos are rigged cannot be written off just like that. But what can online casino players do to avoid falling prey to unscrupulous internet casinos that pause as genuine sites? The answer is simple: stick to reputable online casino sites.

Genuine online casinos offer fair games; they don’t rig or fix their games. They work in partnership with reputable software providers to develop trustworthy games with realistic odds for their players. Look out for renowned providers like Microgaming, Boss Media, NetEnt, and Cryptologic before deciding to risk your penny at any online casino, especially if such casino is new. Whenever an internet casino partners with a genuine software developer, the information is usually found on the homepage of the site, and it is conspicuously displayed for everyone to see. Some casinos list the information in their fine print; this explains why it is critical reading the terms and conditions of any casino site. Don’t just be in a hurry to place a bet; a rude shock may be in waiting. In the event the site lucks any information of this kind, think twice!

Licensed casinos typically observe high service standards, and they operate under very stringent regulations that they must abide by to ensure they are not looting a cent from players. Their games are also audited regularly to ensure they are fair and produce random results. So, if you’ve had reservations concerning online casinos, hold them no more. As long as you’re joining a genuine site, safety is guaranteed. Don’t miss a thing just because of unfounded claims.