Online Casinos Don’t Pay: True or False?

The thrill of winning cash is one of the reasons why people gamble, but some players tend to be reluctant when it comes to playing at online casinos because they believe that it is impossible to withdraw their winnings. While there are instances when casinos have the right to disallow a payout for player security and protection purposes, it is completely unfair to claim that online casinos refuse payouts.

With stories circulating on social media that certain casinos refuse to pay out, especially when players hit a huge jackpot, as a result of some apparent system glitches, it is little wonder that many players think such encounters may befall them when they win playing at an online casino. Yes, issues occur in some cases, but if you’re playing at a reputable site, there is no cause for alarm as no reputable casino can afford to withhold your payout unless there is a security issue. For instance, any online casino reserves the right to withhold your winnings if your identity cannot be verified. In this case, the site will hold your money until you verify your identity, and this process is only necessary to protect you from possible fraud. However, many players misinterpret this to mean a refusal to pay out.

There are also other scenarios where an online casino reserves the right to decline a withdrawal. If you violate the terms of service, the casino may withhold your payout. To maintain a good reputation, the casino may allow you to withdraw the winnings but close your account for good. The reasons for account termination are usually enshrined in the casino’s blue print, which you need to read before attempting to spin the wheel or hit the slot machine.

If you know what you’re doing, finding a genuine online casino that delivers what it promises (i.e. pays out winnings) is usually easy. Examine the casino to ensure it is regularly audited for payout standards and fair gameplay. Also, check if the site’s software comes from a reputable provider like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, IGT, and Evolution Gaming.